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Boxing Day, May 23 (and 16)

Dear John, A week ago, not long after we’d picked up our lettuce and bok choy for the week, some neighborhood friends texted. They’d gotten a CSA and now had a fridge full of greens that would surely go bad before they ate them all. Would we like some?

Boxing Day, May 9 (and 2)

It looks like the bunnies left the nest. A neighbor gardener caught some pictures at the end of last week. They looked so cute! And they didn’t even damage our radishes, at least as far as I can tell.

Boxing Day, April 25

Dear John, The visit was good, and I am, predictably, exhausted. We’ll have some easy meals of leftovers the next few days while you finish your conference. (Because making enough for everyone to have leftovers is more of a trick than I know how to do.) And maybe some other of our go-to easy meals.…

Boxing Day, April 20

Hi John, My parents texted this morning that they’re on the road. They’ll arrive tomorrow and be here through next Tuesday, when we switch from the one-size winter box we split to the small-size summer box that’s just us.

Boxing Day, April 6

Dear John, Easter dinner is upon us. Macaroni and cheese. Biscuits. Triple threat galette. Simple salad. Some sort of lemon cake, or cake with lemon curd, or lemon cream tart. Friends. Family. Seemingly straightforward. With luck, we’ll have leftovers to carry through a busy week of work. (Time to raid the freezer if we don’t!)

Boxing Day, March 30

Dear John, The equinox has come. Easter is quick on it’s way. Garden scheming time is here. This weekend we pulled out our box of seeds to start scheming. I’m surrounded by slips of paper scribbled with notes. Trying to decide what goes where. This year we’re going to try planting the tall plants on…

Boxing Day, March 9

Dear John, With the health complications of the fall, we sorta-kinda killed the yogurt starter. I tried starting up again with a sample from a Meditarrian restaurant near my parents, but it hasn’t really taken off. So I bought some packets of starter. And apparently it can take a few activation rounds before it gets…

Boxing Day, February 23

Dear John, In the time between when I started this draft and, ahem, starting the next draft we had some produce experimentation. We dug up some sunchokes from our pots–surprisingly easy to clean off the the soil. I guess the potting mix is better aerated than our yard. The pizza was delicious and I am…


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